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NCBP Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions

Oft Requested Answers

These are the most popular questions asked by people just like you!


NCBP has been serving current and past bar leaders since 1950.

The purpose of NCBP is to provide information to current and past state, metro and specialty bar leaders about not only how to be a better bar leader, but what is happening within the legal profession that will affect their members. It does this through two in-person meetings per year, webinars, resources, and a twice-monthly newsletter, NCBP Bar President.

NCBP has two types of membership – organizational members and individual fellows.

Organizational memberships are for state, metro and specialty bar associations and their Executive Staff Director and those in the organizational leadership ladder (president, president-elect, vice president, etc.). There are approximately 115 organizational members of NCBP.

Individual Fellow memberships are for past bar presidents who want to continue to support bar leadership. For those who want to further their support, NCBP offers Sustaining memberships, Life memberships, and Sustaining Life memberships. There are approximately 160 individual memberships.

For organizations, membership dues are based on the size of the bar, ranging from $400 for organizations with over 10,000 members, to $140 for bars with under 1,000 members.

Individual dues are $75 for an Individual fellow and $125 for a Sustaining Fellow. Life Fellow is achieved after an individual has paid $1,000 in dues, and Sustaining Life Fellow is one who has achieved, Life membership, but supports NCBP with an additional payment of $100 per year or more.

NCBP Is governed by a Council of 20 members – five officers and 15 at-large council members, who serve on three-year, staggered terms.

NCBP holds two in-person meetings per year, the Annual Meeting, held in July or August; and the Midyear Meeting, held in January or February. Each of these meetings provide attendees and sponsors with informational plenaries and workshops on “nuts & bolts” issues related to bar leadership, as well as programs on issues affecting the legal profession that bar leaders need to know about.

NCBP also hosts six webinars, the NCBP 21st Century Lawyer series, on timely topics for those bar leaders who want more information throughout the year, or for those who can’t attend the Annual and/or Midyear Meetings.

NCBP offers a host of benefits to both organizational and individual members. NCBP members have exclusive access to the Leader Referral Network – a network of current and past bar presidents from across the country in which to share business, share ideas, and share xxx. NCBP also has resources of past articles, webinars, and programming that are downloadable for members only. A twice-monthly newsletter, NCBP Bar President, is sent to all bar presidents, but past issues are only visible to current members of the organization. The same is true for NCBP’s webinars: 21st Century Lawyer programs are viewable by all bar leaders, but only NCBP members have access to past webinars. Finally, NCBP members receive a discount on registration for the signature Annual and Midyear Meetings.

NCBP sponsors have the opportunity to connect with bar leaders from across the United States and Canada. The leaders, in turn, represent a combined bar association membership of 1.3 million lawyers. Besides leading bar organizations, these attorneys are also leaders within law firms and corporations, serving as Managing Partners, Managing Directors, Shareholders, Principals, General Counsel and Of Counsel.

NCBP has many sponsorship opportunities. Traditional sponsors at the Silver ($2,500 per meeting), Gold ($5,000 per meeting) or Diamond ($10,000 per meeting) Level may attend the NCBP Annual and Midyear Meetings and meet face-to-face with attendees during sponsor breaks and other networking opportunities.

Individuals and companies may also sponsor at a lower level for recognition on signage, printed materials, and on the website.

Sponsorships are also available for specific NCBP programs and projects, such as supporting the NCBP Diversity Scholarships initiative, on the 21st Century Lawyer webinars, and in the NCBP newsletter, Bar President.

Law firms may also support NCBP. Law firm sponsorships offer law firms the opportunity to raise their profile as a firm committed to improving bar leadership, and associate their brand with NCBP, an organization known for high-quality programming aimed at bar leaders.