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Get Involved!

Make a contribution to the work of the NCBP by participating on a standing committee. NCBP is always looking for those who would like to contribute. Please review the NCBP committees below and sign up for what interests you. 

21st Century Lawyers Committee: Plans and promotes live programs to connect with NCBP members between annual and midyear meetings via online virtual sessions. This is an exciting committee for those interested in cutting edge and creative ways to connect leaders across the country on topics relevant to NCBP members.

Communications Committee: Generates communications about NCBP activities and services, and provides other information that will enhance members’ roles as leaders of their organizations. The committee has oversight for the electronic newsletter, NCBP BAR PRESIDENT, as well as the NCBP website,, and the newly revamped NCBP Resources Pages. If you have a passion for social media and electronic content, then this is the committee for you!

Diversity & Inclusion Committee: Implements strategies in support of NCBP’s goals of setting an example of diversity and inclusion in its leadership, programs, and activities. The committee is responsible for the diversity scholarship program and planning a diversity forum held at midyear and annual meetings.

Finance & Investment Committee: Oversees staff management of organizational funds; makes recommendations to the Executive Council regarding the development of budgets, financial policy, and NCBP investments; and coordinates communications with NCBP’s investment adviser.  If you’ve got a knack for numbers, then this committee is a perfect fit!

Membership Committee: Responsible for promoting, enhancing, and expanding membership in NCBP, including oversight of annual membership drives, recommending programs and services of interest to members, and conducting outreach to existing and prospective NCBP members. The committee hosts first-time attendee events at annual and midyear meetings.

Metropolitan Bar Caucus Committee: Charged with ensuring leaders from local and metropolitan bar associations are represented by the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Plans workshops for metro bar leaders during the annual and midyear meetings, as well as 21st Century Lawyer programming.

Program Committee: Charged with planning and promoting NCBP programs including workshops, plenaries and other events for the NCBP annual and midyear meetings. This is an active and exciting committee that meets in person and through virtual meetings to select program topics and speakers of interest to NCBP members. 

Sponsorship Committee: Responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with current and prospective NCBP sponsors. This committee is entrusted with managing and enhancing valued partnerships and is perfect for those who have a talent for relationship-building and who enjoy making new connections.    

Appointees are expected to attend committee meetings held virtually throughout the year. Some committees will meet in person in conjunction with the midyear and annual meetings.


Please note:

  • Current committee members also should complete this form to request reappointment to present committees or to request other assignments. 

  • Depending on availability, in some instances you may not be placed on the committee of your first choice. Please select three committees on which you would like to serve, and then let us know your first and second choices.

  • Please complete the form below by Friday, June 26, 2020, in order to be considered for a 2020-2021 committee appointment.

Contact Teresa Peavy, at with any questions.