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Don’t Miss these NCBP Member Benefits!

NCBP has long offered many of its benefits to everyone, regardless of their membership status. NCBP offers these benefits only to its current active members, including:


  • NCBP Leader Referral Network: Are you interested in connecting with bar presidents from other states? Do you have a case that needs a lawyer in another practice area or from another jurisdiction? NCBP has created the Leader Referral Network to help you make the connections you need to be an effective leader and lawyer.
  • Past Midyear/Annual Meetings Handouts: Handouts for upcoming meetings will be posted on an open page that both members and non-members may access to receive handouts of upcoming meetings. Handouts from past meetings will be viewable to members-only.
  • NCBP Resource Pages: NCBP has just updated its Resource pages, with new and useful information to bar leaders on a variety of topics.These resources are viewable only to NCBP members.
  • BAR PRESIDENT Newsletter: Both members and non-members of NCBP will continue to receive NCBP’s twice-a-month newsletter, NCBP BAR PRESIDENT. However, only members of NCBP will be able to review past issues of the newsletter.
  • A member discount for annual and midyear meeting registration (a $100 value!).
  • Opportunities to contribute to the development of meetings as a speaker or through participation on NCBP committees and in other leadership capacities.



Are you an NCBP member who wants to continue to take advantage of these member-benefits? Then be sure to renew your membership now, and log each time you go to the NCBP website. You can sign in on the home page, or on the login page. All you need is your username and password. If you forgot your username and/or password, you can reset it.


If you are NOT already a member of NCBP, join today!


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Questions about your membership? Contact Steve Jones at or 312-988-5353.