Jim Dimos

ABA mourns James Dimos, deputy executive director, general counsel

James Dimos, the ABA's deputy executive director and general counsel, died suddenly Wednesday.

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A Sharpened Call

A Sharpened Call for Attorney Regulatory Reform

Last week I provided a roundup of actions by task forces across the U.S. that are exploring reforms to the regulation of legal services. This week I look at the issue of modernizing attorney regulations through the prism of historic events that are reshaping our lives in 2020.

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Law Firms Remain

Law Firms Remain Vulnerable to Wire Transfer Scams, as Liability and Breach Costs Grow

The most striking thing about the recent cyber scam lawsuit filed against Holland & Knight—which alleges that the firm mistakenly sent $3 million to a fraudulent account in Hong Kong—may lie not in the dollar figure, but the frequency of similar alleged attacks against firms. 

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ALA Webinar Poll Results

In Poll, Legal Administrators Say Pandemic Changes Are Permanent

“You can’t go home again,” novelist Thomas Wolfe famously wrote, and a recent poll of legal administrators suggests that is undeniably true for law firms in the era of COVID-19. Of the legal administrators who responded to the poll, 91% believe the changes in working practices brought about by the pandemic are permanent.

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Law360 Biggest Hurdles

The Biggest Hurdles For Attys Starting Jobs During COVID-19

For about two weeks in early March, one new attorney in the Office of County Counsel in Los Angeles had started his new job as usual — touring the facilities, signing paperwork, meeting the majority of his team and getting set up with a computer in an office. But that activity came to a screeching halt with the escalation of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

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Although law firms have historically been slow to adopt remote working policies, the COVID-19 crisis has forced many firms to embrace a work-from-home model nearly overnight.

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