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Conferences 2013 Midyear Meeting Handouts
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NCBP 2013 Midyear Meeting Handouts

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Midyear Meeting handouts will not be distributed at the meeting. Please make sure to download and print handouts prior to the meeting.

Friday, February 8

Welcome Plenary Kick-off & Roundtable Discussions

- Roundtable Discussion Topics

Joint Workshop 2A: Membership Programs - Cradle to Grave

- Indianapolis Bar Association Apprentice Program

- Washington State Bar 2012 Membership Survey Results

- PowerPoint Presentation

Joint Workshop 3A: Quick Hits - New Lawyer Services to Attract and Retain Members

- Maryland State Bar Association Member Resources

- Iowa State Bar Practice Tools

- NCBP Quick Hits

- Attachment A

- PowerPoint Presentation

(MBC) Joint Workshop 4A: Succession Planning for Metro Bars

- Transition the Welcome

- Executive Search Resources

- DBS Transition Services

- Succession Planning Outline

Gate Keepers of Justice - Power of the Profession

- ABA Taskforce Resouces & Policies

- New Your State Bar Association Resources

- Houston Bar Association Resources