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2016 Annual Meeting Handouts
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To conserve paper, meeting handouts are not distributed onsite. Please check back before, during and after the meeting as new handouts will be added.


Friday, Aug. 5, 2016

Friday Morning Plenary – Pillars of the Legal Community in the 21st Century?

First Session of Joint Concurrent Workshops

Workshop 1A - Problems in our Profession Exposed in National CoLap and Hazelden Study:Substance Use, Depression and Anxiety Among Lawyers

Workshop 2A - Blue Skies with Clouds: Bar Associations Helping with Law Practice Management

Workshop 3A - Unified Bar Issues: What Does the Future Hold?

Second Session of Joint Concurrent Workshops

Workshop 1B - The Generation Connection

  • No handouts at this time
Workshop 2B - Can You Hear Us Now: Do Lawyer Advertising Rules Need to Change to Compete in the AVVO Age (And Avoid Antitrust Challenges)
Workshop 4B (MBC) - Bar Succession Planning – Managing The Search You Never Wanted To Have: A New Executive Director

Diversity Forum: Building the Business Case for Diversity &

  • No Handouts At This Time

Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016

Saturday Morning Plenary – Permission-Giving Transformation