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Wednesday, January 17, 2018   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP BAR PRESIDENT for January 17, 2018 »
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP BAR PRESIDENT for January 3, 2018 »
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP BAR PRESIDENT for December 20, 2017 »
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP BAR PRESIDENT for December 6, 2017 »
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Friday, December 1, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP BAR PRESIDENT for November 15, 2017 »
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Friday, July 22, 2016   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP News 2016 Summer Issue »
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
NCBP News Spring 2016 Issue »
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Thursday, February 4, 2016   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP News 2016 Winter Issue »
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Thursday, February 4, 2016   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP News Fall Issue Vol. 5 »
In this Issue: NCBP President ; 2016 Midyear Meeting ; Renew Your Dues ; 21st Century Lawyer ; Tips to Maximize Energ...
Friday, June 19, 2015   (0 Comments - view/add)
NCBP News Summer Issue Vol. 4 »
In this Issue: 2015 Annual Meeting ; Committees ; Fellows Award Recipient ; Managing Your Message ; Clemency Project...

Legal Profession
Friday, December 29, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
How do customers decide on a lawyer? »
Even though the United States has 70% of the world’s lawyers, it can be difficult for clients to find the right legal repr...
Thursday, December 14, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
What’s a lawyer now? »
Lawyers like to define terms, so how do they define themselves? Read more at .
Friday, December 8, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Non-lawyers grow more powerful in Texas law firms »
Most major law firms in Texas have hired non-lawyer professionals to handle key marketing operations. Read more in the Ho...
Thursday, November 9, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Law firms, regulators keep eye on Big Four move to legal services »
The Big Four accounting firms’ moves into legal consulting services are capturing the attention of law firms… Read more a...
Wednesday, October 25, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
What resilient lawyers do differently »
Busy lawyers, already maxed out by the general pressure and stress of the profession, are trying to keep up with practice...

Legal Education
Monday, December 11, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
LSAT-takers trending upward following five-year plunge. Why? »
More LSAT-takers trend upward. Welcome news for law schools and the profession; a bigger pool gives schools better odds 4...
Friday, November 3, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
ABA Legal Ed committee suggests changes to rule on law school admissions tests »
An ABA section committee recently made various …  recommendations including doing away with the separate admissions t...
Thursday, October 19, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Law schools are letting down their students and society – here are three steps they can take to fix »
Law schools in the US today have become depressingly single-purpose: training members of a closed profession and failing t...
Monday, September 18, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Law deans argue over how to count jobs they fund »
When times got rough a few years ago… law schools took solace in being able to give some refuge to unemployed graduates. &...
Monday, September 11, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Today’s law degree takes on a broader meaning »
… As the number of law graduates continues to decline nationwide, more are getting jobs that don’t require a law degree. &...

Thursday, December 28, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Backlog in NY immigration court leaves most undocumented children without lawyers »
…immigration courts have become increasingly chaotic, according to attorneys representing undocumented immigrants... Read...
Wednesday, December 27, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
What happens to SCOTUS briefs once the term ends? »
...while he was on the Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis arranged for the Univ. of Louisville law school library to receive co...
Thursday, December 21, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Public defenders in Missouri say caseloads have them overworked, and discipline has some scared »
Dane Roper is looking at a busy day. The assistant public defender has six sentencing hearings scheduled on a recent Thurs...
Wednesday, December 20, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
43 states suspend driver’s licenses for unpaid court debt, but that could change »
Tennessee is one of 43 states… that suspends driver's licenses for people with unpaid court debt, according a recent repor...
Tuesday, December 5, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Ginsburg: ‘I’ll be a SCOTUS justice for as long as I can’ »
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed… that she does not plan on retiring anytime soon. Read more in The Hill .

Legal Issues
Monday, December 18, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
A growing ‘Army’ of lawyers is banding together to protect immigrants »
Immigrants with attorneys are four times as likely to be released from detention. Read more in The Nation .
Wednesday, December 13, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
The President is rapidly reshaping the judiciary. Here’s how. »
Mr. Trump has already appointed eight appellate judges, the most this early in a presidency since Richard M. Nixon… Read...
Wednesday, November 29, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
State attorneys general have taken off as a partisan force in national politics »
Partisan coalitions of state attorneys general are a new wrinkle in national politics. Read more in The Washington Post .
Monday, November 27, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Lawyers step up to help disaster survivors »
Hurricane Harvey made landfall and devastated Houston and other areas in Texas and Louisiana almost two months ago. Read...
Wednesday, November 1, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
After Harvey, jury trials still haven’t resumed in Harris County »
It’s been 10 weeks since Jose Deras was first locked up in the Harris County Jail.  Read more in the Texas Tribune .

Bar News
Monday, October 30, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
California bar spins off its sections amid concerns over liquor spending, resort functions »
The State Bar of California has spun off its 16 voluntary sections into a nonprofit entity… Read more in the ABAJournal .
Thursday, June 22, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Mass. bar association calls for major reforms »
The state’s largest bar association is recommending sweeping criminal justice reforms in a first-of-its-kind report… Read...
Wednesday, June 14, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Failing state bars are deunifying, and that’s not necessarily bad »
Large state bars functioning simultaneously as both regulatory agencies and trade associations for their lawyer members co...
Tuesday, March 21, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Sunset bill to determine the future of the Texas Bar is up for review »
The Texas Supreme Court could change State Bar of Texas membership dues and other fees… Read more in the Texas Lawyer .
Wednesday, January 11, 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Comments by Oklahoma Bar president are reason for concern [Editorial] »
For several years, lawmakers have considered overhauling Oklahoma's judicial nominating process. Read more in NewsOK .

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