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The future of legal services: putting a law firm in the palm of your hand

Roughly 77% of U.S. adults say they own a smartphone . . . Individuals have become savvy, sophisticated consumers of online services, and this has led to a growing need for customer service-based mobile apps.

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in rainbows

Legal transformation requires more than tech

Legal tech is attracting plenty of interest, money, press, and hype.

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Justice Tom Saylor

Pa. Supreme Court Justice sees impeachment as an attack on the independence of the judiciary

“Threats of impeachment directed against justices because of their decision in a particular case are an attack upon an independent judiciary…”

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branches of government

Maybe lawyers are what's missing from government

It’s hardly controversial to suggest that, at the moment, the federal government isn’t looking at all that it is capable of governing.

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The Good Wife

First thing we do is nudge the lawyers

In early 1969, Ralph Nader placed an ad in the Harvard Crimson calling on law students to apply to work with him to investigate various federal agencies.

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Harper & Gregory

Harper Lee's estate sues over Broadway version of 'Mockingbird'

One of the year’s most anticipated Broadway plays — the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” — faces a legal challenge. . .

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What is the National Conference of Bar Presidents?

NCBP was founded in 1950 to provide information and training to state and local bar association leaders and hosts bi-annual conferences of state and local bar leaders in conjunction with the ABA. Read more about our mission...

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