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NCBP hosts bi-annual conferences of state and local bar presidents that are held in conjunction with ABA Midyear and Annual meetings. These conferences feature joint programming with the National Association of Bar Executives and the National Conference of Bar Foundations, organizations whose meetings also take place during ABA meetings. NCBP also works closely with its affiliate, the Metropolitan Bar Caucus, a voluntary organization of metropolitan bar leaders and executive directors. See Purpose.

A Message From The President

Thanks for browsing our NCBP website. This is the only organization devoted exclusively to supporting the top officers of state, local, and other bar associations. I have been a member of this organization since 2005, the year when I became president-elect of the State Bar of Nevada. Our hope is that the NCBP programming, featuring national leaders from bar associations around the country as well as experts in association management and planning, will be useful, current and relevant to the challenges that you are facing in your bar. 

The photo in this frame is of my middle daughter, Emily, and me, attending an NCBP conference. Emily is a 2L. I’ve always felt comfortable bringing her and the rest of my family to our conferences and I hope that you, too, will feel comfortable bringing your family along. Congratulations to you on receiving the honor for your service to the bar that your selection as a leader represents. We will do our best to help you to make your term as a bar leader productive and memorable. All program suggestions are welcome, so if there is any particular challenge faced by your bar, please let us know how to help. We have resources available, including handouts from past programs from our annual and midyear meetings that may also be useful. Finally, please check out our new 21st Century Lawyer programs which provide opportunities for learning and discussion without leaving your desk. 


NCBP Diversity Scholarships Available for the Midyear Meeting

The NCBP Diversity Committee is once again offering scholarship awards for attendance at the Midyear Meeting to bar presidents of associations for lawyers of color, women attorneys, LGBT attorneys, lawyers with physical challenges, as well as smaller county bar associations. For more information about eligibility and how to apply to receive a scholarship, please follow this link.

Creating a Community for the 21st Century Lawyer

Michael Bossone, Co-Creator of LawWithoutWalls, NCBP Leaders, and thought leaders from around the world participate in a virtual session that demonstrates how bar associations and their leaders can build a virtual community that provides a different approach to communicating with members. Visit the NCBP 21st Century Lawyer website now!


 NCBP News 

NCBP News is a free quarterly electronic newsletter sent to NCBP Individual Fellows and Association members. The newsletter features advice from former bar presidents, as well as information about opportunities, events and activities of the association. Please follow the links below for the latest Spring issue.

NCBP News Fall 2014 - Issue 1 Vol. 3
NCBP News Spring 2014 - Issue 1 Vol. 2

NCBP News Winter 2014 - Issue 1 Vol. 1

When should a bar association take a position? A spirited discussion at NCBP's Annual Meeting

September/October Issue - BarLeader Magazine
Featured article written by: Marylin Cavicchia

If a bar association refuses to take a position on a controversial issue, is it turning its back on an important responsibility or very sensibly considering its mission and its member base? A lively—and surprising, in some ways—discussion occurred during a 2014 Annual Meeting program for the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Find out why one bar president believes the Keller decision doesn’t necessarily close the door for mandatory bars and advocacy. Read on to find out more...



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