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Dues bill struggle continues for State Bar of CA

The California Assembly passed several amendments to a bill on state bar dues in a heated floor session… Read more at Courthouse News…

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Lori Rifkin

Goodbye to “Honeys” in court, by vote of the ABA

It is official. The American Bar Association says it is professional misconduct… Read more in The New York Times…

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ABA prescribes 'legal checkups' to heal the justice gap

Seeing a doctor for a regular physical check up can do wonders for a person’s health.  Read more at Bloomberg News...

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Victoria Bonilla

These lawyers don’t get paid enough; at least pay them on time

A bunch of lawyers complaining about not getting paid promptly ordinarily wouldn’t generate a whole lot of public sympathy. Read more in The Boston Globe…

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Civil Legal Aid

Funding civil legal aid is neither a Democrat or Republican issue

Although our economy is improving, the experiences of many truly poor people in this country remain very challenging. Read more in The Hill...

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What is the National Conference of Bar Presidents?

NCBP was founded in 1950 to provide information and training to state and local bar association leaders and hosts bi-annual conferences of state and local bar leaders in conjunction with the ABA. Read more about our mission...

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